Jeana Frost is a Montreal-based UX and Health 2.0 Researcher specializing in technology and health care. She completed her PhD in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab in 2006 before a National Library of Medicine post doctoral fellowship at Boston Medical Center and Harvard Medical School in telemedicine and behavior change. After finishing her training, Jeana joined a startup, PatientsLikeMe, where she worked on both the experience design and analyzing the effect of the site on users. Subsequently, Jeana moved to Amsterdam where she worked as a lead designer at Mediamatic, as a the senior UX researcher for, an online platform for Cancer patients, and as an Assistant Professor at VU University Amsterdam. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets including the Financial Times, The NY Times, the Volkskrant and Glamour magazine. She is currently Lead UX Designer at the Caregiver Network in Montreal. Her work spans the domains of healthcare, psychology and design in order to harness online interactions to enhance wellbeing. Her design practice utilizes user-centered design strategies to develop usable and useful tools.

Her current interests include participatory medicine, feedback and behavior, gamification, and French conjugation.